Why Your Ads Keep Failing To Bring In New Patients.

September 30, 2020

As a doctor in private practice, you are in a unique position when it comes to your social media presence.

You are marketing a service which for many people represents a human necessity, rather than an impulse buy.

So, it should be easy to post on social media and win over patients right?

Well, the short answer is NO.

Since offering our free Private Practice Scan, we have had the opportunity to review more than a dozen doctors’ practices in the past month.

The number one problem we have identified with doctors who are managing their own ads is that they are too aggressive in the way they try to advertise.

Many doctors we have spoken to think that merely marketing the fact that you offer a particular service or treatment should be enough to get patients through the door.

Just as you wouldn’t ask your partner to marry you on your first date, don’t try to sell your services in the first interaction you have with your patient.

It is too upfront, aggressive and off-putting. Instead, you need to demonstrate value and gain the trust of your patient before you convince them to see you in your private practice.

In this article, we list 3 types of content you should be posting to engage with your patients BEFORE you spend money on conversion ads.

1. Educational Content

Most patients will be looking to Google as their first port of call, before seeing a GP or going to a walk in clinic.

Given that there is a wealth of misinformation on the web, use this opportunity to educate your patients and solidify your position as a domain expert.

Use Health tips and “Did you know?”-style content to encourage interactions and debate among your followers.

This is a good example of educational content from Babylon regarding preventing Coronarvirus spread.

2. Motivational Content

Undergoing treatment for a medical condition can be difficult and negatively impact the mental health of your patients.

Often, patients and their relatives could really do with a dose of motivation and inspiration to help them persevere.

We recommend including patient success stories in your practice’s social media feed, to provide your existing and future potential patients with a much-needed sense of hope.

These posts are often the ones which gets shared the most, expanding your reach and connecting with people in a compelling way.

This is a heart warming example from ARGC, showcasing an inspirational post from a successful pregnancy following IVF at their practice.

3. ‘Behind the Scenes’ Content

People want to be able to trust their doctor and clinic, and highlighting the ‘lighter’ side of your practice by taking followers behind the scene is a good move.

Another example of great content from ARGC is the post below - building trust with their potential patients and humanising the staff at the practice.

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