4 reasons why patients are leaving your website.

September 30, 2020

Get potential patients to stay on your website longer by fixing the 4 most common reasons they click off your site.

Think about how much money you spent to get your site up and running. And now consider that the vast majority of online visitors spend less than 1-2 minutes on it, before clicking away.

Before you panic, read the 4 most common reasons why potential patients are leaving your site, and what are simple fixes you can do to address them.  

1. Your site is difficult to read.

As a doctor it is imperative that patients are not overwhelmed with technical jargon when they visit your site. Make sure you are using easy to use language throughout, and communicate the benefit and value they will get from seeing you. The average reading age of adults is around 14 years old - bear this in mind when writing content for your site.

2. Your site is hard to navigate.

Think like a patient, and consider how easy is it to navigate your site? We recommend you asking non-medical friends to use your site, and ask them in 30 seconds what they have learnt about you in that time. This should give you a good idea if your site is easy enough to use, conveying the most important information in a short time frame.

3. Your site has no call to action.

Having a beautiful site which is optimised for your ideal patient is all well and great, but if you do not make it clear what you want the patient to do they will click away. You should have a ‘Call to Action’, which is an action you want your patient to be doing e.g. Book a consultation now, highlighted on every page.

4. Your site takes too long to load.

If your site does not load within a few seconds, most patients will click away immediately. Your site might be slow due to large file sizes of images, or the old clunky technology it has been built upon. Whatever the reason, this is a major turn off for patients, and something you need to fix.

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